September 27th, 2009

So you want to know more?

You can email Chris Sensei at or he can be reached on his mobile +44 (0)7768 488 071

Of course you’re welcome to drop in at the London Dojo .

We aim to keep our News and Courses pages up page up to date so it’s worth checking there too. If you’d like to be on our mailing list your so it’s worth sending your contact details to This list is private and solely for the use of the OAA, we will not use it for anything other than sending information about the OAA.

If you’ve never done aikido before it does no harm to come and sit at the side to watch a class anyway, since that will answer a lot of questions and raise a lot more. In any case, it’ll give you a feeling of whether you like our ‘style’. It’s also worth having a look at some websites for background information – there are a couple on our links page but a single search will throw up hundreds more.

As a beginner when you start practicing you don’t need to buy a ‘gi’ (training suit) immediately, but do wear loose clothing – a long sleeved shirt if possible and long trousers or tracksuit bottoms. You’ll be doing a lot of falling down and standing up so bring water to drink after class.