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Grading June 2016

Congratulations to David Selmo on obtaining his shodan (1st dan ) this summer.   Congratulations to those who passed! 2nd kyu: Davide Sandrine 1st kyu: Devante Davide Alex…


Lisa Tomoleoni course in coventry October the 11,13,14 Hiroshi Ikeda Sensei Visit to coventry April 26 27 28 2019 information and booking   


Just an other day in the dojo


Due to the Corona pandemic we have closed the dojo till we get the all clear to start practising Aikido again. I will be posting exercises and self…

Welcome To The Open Aikido Association, London

The OAA is a traditional aikido association. Founded in 1990. We are happy to announce our joining of UK AIKIDO SHIMBOKUKAI and are looking forward to a long…