Course and Gradings with Hiroaki Sensei

September 26th, 2006

As ever an excellent course led by Hiroaki Sensei – a lot of fun and good practice. Very well attended in the Bath University dojo – a luxurious venue! Many thanks are due to Jeff Mills for organising everything.

Gradings. Congratulations to everyone who graded. Everybody passed. Thanks also to all the uke’s who stepped in to take part!

  • 3rd Dan – Matthew Riley
  • 2nd Dan – Justin Marchant & Barney Wilkinson
  • 1st Dan – Julie Abbot & Paul Davidson

Hungary 10th Anniversary Seminar 2006

August 27th, 2006

Lovely course, lovely dojo and lovely people.
Great fun and no shortage of training partners!
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New Mats, New Mats!

December 1st, 2005

Now even more ‘fully matted’ than before! The London dojo has been completely rematted, with that unmistakeable new mat aroma. The first chance to practice on the new mats (other than Barney’s sneaky forward breakfall after we laid them) is on Tuesday 13th December – they’ll never be this new again! So soft you’ll wish we did zagi practice non-stop.

But seriously, this is excellent news. A photo for those with mat (not Matt) fetishes!
New mats

Open Course and Grading News

November 19th, 2005

On his most recent visit to Japan, Jeff took his Nidan grading at Hombu Dojo with Aikido Kobayahi Dojos. No mean achievement. We even have Justin as a gaijin witness!

Saturday Open Course at the London Dojo for November.
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Justin in Japan

September 26th, 2005

Justin Marchant heads off to Japan to begin 3 months as an Uchi Deshi in Aikido Kobayashi Dojo’s Japan.To follow his exploits tune into his blog (be warned – it’s explicit!).

Various Hiroaki Courses

August 27th, 2005

Photos from various Hiroaki courses from 1999 to 2005.
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Aikido Kobayashi Dojo’s Seminar, London

June 26th, 2005

Our Annual International Aikido Kobayashi Dojo’s Seminar concluded successfully in London.

Another highly enjoyable (and tiring) seminar by Hiroaki Sensei. Unfortunately, so much fun that no one wanted to take pictures. We only seem to have this one from the end!

First Yudansha Grading as part of Aikido Kobayashi Dojos

June 26th, 2003

The first Yudansha Grading as part of Aikido Kobayashi Dojos was held, successfully concluding our annual international seminar.

Congratulations to all involved! Everyone passed!

  • Nidan : Mathew Riley
  • Shodan : Dewinder Bachu, Mark Diacopoulos, Jeff Mills, John Philips, George Smith, Barney Wilkinson.

Many thanks to the guys from Iceland for adding to the seminar.

We’ve moved!

March 26th, 2003

We are now at the Finsbury Leisure Centre near Old Street.

The new dojo is fully matted and we now have 3 nights practice per week, in one central location. The full address is the Finsbury Leisure Centre, Iron Monger Row, London EC1V 3PU.

Welcome To The Open Aikido Association, London

September 26th, 2002

The OAA is a traditional aikido association. Founded in 1990, in 2002 as part of Kobayashi Dojos UK we were honoured to be appointed as official UK representatives of Aikido Kobayashi Dojos, Japan. Kobayashi Dojos UK now have dojos in London and Bristol (Ten Chi Kan Dojo and Fudoshinkan Dojo).

We follow the Aikido Kobayashi Dojos syllabus and style – combining fun with good, hard practice.

Our Yudansha gradings are held annually under the direction of Hiroaki Kobayashi Sensei, 6th Dan. As part of the Kobayashi Dojos extended family, we hold regular international seminars and welcome visiting aikidoka from all around the world and from many styles.